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Searching google didn't solve the problem. Fifteen minutes at the genius bar didn't yield the solution. So what's next? Reinstall your system? Distrust all technology and revert to pen and paper?

You need a human being who can figure it out. Who you are and the way you use your computer are the most important questions to ask in finding the answer. Your computer should help you move forward, not set you back.

Once everything is working, the next big question is whether your computer is set up to help you be as productive as possible. Often, there's a solution or a method that would help your efficiency, but you simply need help to "think it out loud."

Whatever you need from your technology... whether it's to get it fixed, configured, streamlined, or better understood, you can get there with the right kind of help. When fifteen minutes at the Apple store isn't enough, then raise the bar on genius.


-Mac OS troubleshooting
-Speed optimization
-Network/wireless configurations
-Server administration
-Home Automation
-Hardware upgrades
-Data sync (Email, Contacts, Calendar)
-Data backup/recovery
-Desktop organization / GTD efficiency
-User education/best practices,
-Security audits (including Disney/Marvel)
-A/V enhancements
-Platform / user migration
-Business Software: FileMaker, Microsoft, Adobe, etc.
-Film Software: Final Draft, Movie Magic
-Plenty more capabilities... Just ask!

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Lead Tech: Yari Schutzer

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